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Jakarta Patent Bureau (JPB) is a division of Hilmi Yazid & Co. (HY&C) which specializes in Intellectual Property Rights, covering Copyright, Patent, Trade-mark, Industrial Design, Trade Secret, Integrated Circuit and Plant Variety Protection.


JPB actively presents information as well as service of Intellectual Property Rights both to clients and businessmen as well as public in national and international scale encompasses approximately 200 countries. Services offered by JPB, among others, are:


   - Initial examination and registration advise


   - Registration


   - Opposition


   - Alteration of name or domicile


   - Drafting License agreement


   - Extension


   - Distributorship



 Litigation process of JPB  includes:


   - Filing for brand cancellation to the Commercial Court


   - Complaint for criminal violation of Intellectual Property


   - Rights to the police


   - Private suit 



Considering the importance of the protection of Intellectual Property Rights, JPB  tries to be the best partner in the business and trade world particularly by giving valuable information pertaining to the protection of the rights. JPB  voluntarily informs interest parties on the existing rights violations by way of producing imitation and forgery or by hitching the fame of the brand-names of certain products.  JPB also provides information on those brands under current registration process, their main equality or identical with those registered brands so that a synergy and mutual business relationship is attained.   It is important to be borne in mind that the law governing Indonesian Intellectual Property Rights adopts Constitutive principle which constitutes “whoever registered beforehand is the lawful user and under protection.”  Thus, it is imperative for the business people to be aware of such information in order to avoid those unrightfully parties to gain a right and protection by the law merely because they are the first to register.


In carrying out its activities and services, JPB  divided its divisions to be several sub-divisions focusing on parts under the Intellectual Property Rights issue: 





This sub-division is to audit the whole assets of client’s Intellectual Property Rights and further to be frequently evaluated the determination of the possessed Intellectual Property Rights.  



Research & Development


R&D is in charge to find out the Intellectual Property Rights assets upon clients or prospective client’s instruction on their own initiatives which results are to be written in the form of a report. This report might be developed to be a report material. JPB  will then analyze the report and proceed to generate a solution or a follow-up that needs to be taken whether in the form of extension, opposition, cancellation, or law suit information accompanied by the legal basis.  



Market Investigation


It is a sub-division to monitor the Intellectual Property Rights assets belong to client upon their instruction or potential client on the existing Intellectual Property Rights in the market that are abused by irresponsible parties. Grounded on the evidences found, JPB  is then to come with a solution by not setting aside the principle of presumed innocence. Moreover, Market Investigation also capable of evaluating products statistically, if they are all meets the market demand. 





In accordance with its name, this sub-division is to market the service offered to potential client. 





It is a sub-division that is to gather data on Intellectual Property Rights gained from the access to the Official Gazette of Trade Marks that is officially announced and registered in Indonesia to be incorporated into the database for its benefit and use will be significant to client and potential client without request. 



Processing and Maintenance


This last sub-division processes the whole application procedure together with its problems in relation to the process of filing and data security from the beginning to the end.







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