Intellectual property is a term used to cover goods and services protected under the laws governing patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Although the legal rights concerning different kinds of intellectual property are similar in a general sense, they differ specifically in what they protect and in how the particular rights are established. Patents protect an inventor's right to exclude others from making, manufacturing, using, or selling an inventor's invention. Trademarks protect words, phrases, symbols, and designs. Copyrights protect original artistic, musical, and literary works, including software. Intellectual property rights can also encompass state trade secrets laws, which protect a company's proprietary and confidential information, such as methods of manufacturing, customer lists, supplier information, and the materials used during the manufacturing process.

Jakarta Patent Bureau (JPB) actively presents information as well as service of Intellectual Property Rights both to clients and businessmen as well as public in national and international scale encompasses approximately 200 countries. Services offered by JPB, among others, are:

  - Initial examination and registration advise

  - Registration

  - Opposition

  - Alteration of name or domicile

  - Drafting License agreement

  - Extension

  - Distributorship


Litigation process of JPB  includes:

  - Filing for brand cancellation to the Commercial Court

  - Complaint for criminal violation of Intellectual Property

  - Rights to the police

  - Private suit


Besides the Trademark, Patent, Copyright, Industrial Design, Jakarta Patent Bureau (JPB) also provides the registration of Plant Variety Protection (PVT).






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