Miftahul Hilmi (“MH”)


             Since he graduated from the University of Indonesia with Bachelor Degree in Law, MH has been directly practicing his knowledge. He also holds a Magister of Law (MH) from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (2006). His experience started when he joined the Legal Department of PT. Mitsubishi Jaya Elevator & Escalator as an in-house lawyer. Holding a license as a practicing lawyer, he worked for several years in Indra Gamal & Partners Law Firm and Yusril Ihza Mahendra & Partners Law Firm, and as a Partner at Chalid & Partners Law Firm (2002 – 2006) before finally settles on HY&C.  

             Well-prepared with vast understanding in litigation, at the moment MH coordinates almost all litigation cases handled by HY&C. In addition, MH has a specialization in corporation, investment law, stock market, trade transaction, and bankruptcy as well as creditors rights, Real Estate, Land Law, Banking, Finance and also Intellectual Property Rights. Due to his special attention on the latter, he is entrusted to lead the Jakarta Patent Bureau (JPB), the special division of HY&C caters for Intellectual Property matters as He is now Intellectual Property Right  Consultant.

             Predominantly for Intellectual Property Rights, MH is very much experienced in applying for brand registration both inside and outside the country, brand opposition, and the whole aspects of litigation of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and also Plant Variety Protection (PVT) since he has registered as a Consultant of Intellectual Property Right (No. 157 - 2006) and Plant Variety Protection (No. 20/K.PVT/2006). He is also noted as both a member of Indonesian Intellectual Property Society (IIPS) and IPR Consultant Association (AKHKI).


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