AE United Arab Emirates

AG Antigua and Barbuda

AL Albania (EP)

AM Armenia (EA)

AO Angola

AT Austria (EP)

AU Australia

AZ Azerbaijan (EA)

BA Bosnia and Herzegovina

BB Barbados

BE Belgium (EP)

BF Burkina Faso (OA)

BG Bulgaria (EP)

BH Bahrain

BJ Benin (OA)

BR Brazil

BW Botswana (AP)

BY Belarus (EA)

BZ Belize

CA Canada

CF Central African Republic (OA)

CG Congo (OA)

CH Switzerland (EP)

CI Côte d’Ivoire (OA)

CL Chile

CM Cameroon (OA)

CN China

CO Colombia

CR Costa Rica


PCT Contracting States and Two-letter Codes

Source: WIPO

CU Cuba

CY Cyprus (EP)

CZ Czech Republic (EP)

DE Germany (EP)

DK Denmark (EP)

DM Dominica

DO Dominican Republic

DZ Algeria

EC Ecuador

EE Estonia (EP)

EG Egypt

ES Spain (EP)

FI Finland (EP)

FR France (EP)

GA Gabon (OA)

GB United Kingdom (EP)

GD Grenada

GE Georgia

GH Ghana (AP)

GM Gambia (AP)

GN Guinea (OA)

GQ Equatorial Guinea (OA)

GR Greece (EP)

GT Guatemala

GW Guinea-Bissau (OA)

HN Honduras

HR Croatia (EP)

HU Hungary (EP)

ID IndonesiaIE Ireland (EP)


IL Israel

IN India

IS Iceland (EP)

IT Italy (EP)

JP Japan

KE Kenya (AP)

KG Kyrgyzstan (EA)

KM Comoros

KN Saint Kitts and Nevis

KP Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

KR Republic of Korea

KZ Kazakhstan (EA)

LA Laos People’s Democratic Republic

LC Saint Lucia

LI Liechtenstein (EP)

LK Sri Lanka

LR Liberia (AP)

LS Lesotho (AP)

LT Lithuania (EP)

LU Luxembourg (EP)

LV Latvia (EP)

LY Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

MA Morocco

MC Monaco (EP)

MD Republic of Moldova (EA)

ME MontenegroMG Madagascar


MK The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (EP)

ML Mali (OA)

MN Mongolia

MR Mauritania (OA)

MT Malta (EP)

MW Malawi (AP)

MX Mexico

MY Malaysia

MZ Mozambique (AP)

NA Namibia (AP)

NE Niger (OA)

NG Nigeria

NI Nicaragua

NL Netherlands (EP)

NO Norway (EP)

NZ New Zealand

OM Oman

PE Peru

PG Papua New Guinea

PH Philippines

PL Poland (EP)

PT Portugal (EP)

RO Romania (EP)

RS Serbia (EP)

RU Russian Federation (EA)

SC Seychelles

SD Sudan (AP)

SE Sweden (EP)SG Singapore



SI Slovenia (EP)

SK Slovakia (EP)

SL Sierra Leone (AP)

SM San Marino (EP)

SN Senegal (OA)

ST Sao Tome and Principe

SV El Salvador

SY Syrian Arab Republic

SZ Swaziland (AP)

TD Chad (OA)

TG Togo (OA)

TH Thailand

TJ Tajikistan (EA)

TM Turkmenistan (EA)

TN Tunisia

TR Turkey (EP)

TT Trinidad and Tobago

TZ United Republic of Tanzania (AP)

UA Ukraine

UG Uganda (AP)

US United States of America

UZ Uzbekistan

VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

VN Viet Nam

ZA South Africa

ZM Zambia (AP)

ZW Zimbabwe (AP)

Top Countries/Region of Origin Using PCT (Provisional Estimate)


The Republic of Korea overtook the Netherlands as the 6th biggest user of the PCT and China dislodged Canada, Italy and Australia to take the position of 10th largest PCT user. The top users of the international patent system remained unchanged, namely: United States of America, Japan, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. And, for the second year running, the most impressive rates of growth came from North East Asia—namely Japan, the Republic of Korea and China, which between them accounted for 24.1% of all international applications, compared to 34.6% from the countries party to the European Patent Convention and 33.6% from the United States of America. The top 15 countries of origin are shown in the table below. The most significant changes in 2006 are the rankings of the Republic of Korea (5th, up 1 place) and China (8th, up 2 places). All together, the European Patent Office Member States account for 50,016 PCT international applications, which is an increase of 5.6% over 2005



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