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Hamid Chalid (“HC”)


HC pursued his Bachelor Degree in Law at the University of Indonesia (1992), and since then has been actively involved in teaching at the university. He also holds a Master of Law (LL.M.) from the Faculty of Law, University of Melbourne, Australia (1998) with focus on Commercial Law within area study of the APEC Region. HC did an intensive, six-month course on Indonesian Mining Law which was organized by Center for Mining Law of the University of Indonesia (1994).  He also has finished his studies as a doctoral in law in 2009 with dissertation titled “The Water in The Netherlands”.

Apart from specializing himself on Corporate Law, Bankruptcy and Dispute Resolution, HC focuses mainly on Islamic Economic and Financial System as well as Anti-Monopoly and Unfair Business Competition Law and Policy. For the latter subject in particular, HC joined a Training for Trainers on Competition Law and Policy organized by ELIPS-USAID for 2 weeks in Bali (1999) which lecturers are experts from the United States of America. Afterward he holds the position as an Executive Director of an organization named Partnership for Business Competition (PBC) with economic and legal aspects related to Business Competition as its main concentration of activities (1999-2002).

Thus far, HC has been more than 3 years collaborating PBC with Georgetown University Law Center (GULC), Washington DC, USA, on helping Indonesia in implementing and developing its business competition law and policy. In addition to researches, PBC did some activities such as conducting courses on competition law in several cities across Indonesia. Moreover, he coordinated an intensive training for judges of district courts, high courts and the Supreme Court of Indonesia in Jakarta as well as in the Central Java. In October 2001, He paid a visit to Australian Consumers and Competition Commission (ACCC) through a program on Australia-Indonesia Legal Fellowship. Another international activity he performed was an internship at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in Washington DC and joined the 50th ABA Antitrust Section Annual Meeting, which was in Washington DC as well (April-May 2002).

Further activities aside from business that shows HC’s deep concern over law enforcement and eradication of corruption in Indonesia are:

He once maintained a position as a board member of the Joint Investigative Team against Corruption (Tim Gabungan Pemberantasan Tindak Pidana Korupsi--TGPTPK) appointed by the Attorney General (2000-2001).

His involvement as a Steering Committee member of the Drafting Team of Anti Corruption Commission Bill of the Department of Justice and Human Rights (2000-2002). Under the same department, He was also recorded as a Steering Committee member of the Drafting Team of Anti-Money Laundering Bill.

Together with high rank officers and journalists, HC—representing the Non-Government Organizations—departed to the USA to participate on “Study Tour on the US Anti-Corruption and Anti-Terrorism Efforts” (November 2001). Previously, in November 2000, HC joined a group tour around Australia with the similar objective.

HC is one of the founders of the Center for Indonesian Law and Policy Studies (Pusat Studi Hukum dan Kebijakan Indonesia--PSHK) and since 1998 up to now he is still actively involved as a Board Member of the Indonesian Society for Transparency (Masyarakat Transparansi Indonesia--MTI). Until the year of 2003, He has been assisting the Supreme Court of Indonesia. in composing academic draft of Supreme Court Regulation on Court Procedure in Competition Cases. HC has also become an Ad-Hoc Consultant for Legal Reform Project (LRP) Facility which funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID).

At the moment HC acts as a Founder Partner of HY&C. Formerly, He served in CHALID & PARTNERS Law Firm as a founder (2002 – 2005), Hamzah Tota Mulia Law Office for 4 years (1998-2002) and as an Associate Lawyer at the “Erman & Associates” Law Office led by Prof. Dr. Erman Radjagukguk, SH, LL.M, (1994-1996). Erman & Associates was self-dissolved after the promotion of Erman Radjagukguk as the Directorate General of Laws and Regulations at the Department of Justice and Human Rights of Indonesia.


About the Partners


Hamid Chalid


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